I couldn't afford to buy some of these so I made them !

Strap Cutter
Disc Cutter
Strap cutter for leather. Brass steel & Cocobolo. Construction pictures
Washer or disc cutter
Surgical Saw
Stitch Marker
I saw a picture of one like this and liked the design. Turns out that the original was a surgical bone saw. (I still like it !) Construction pictures. (More Saws)
Stitch Marker for leather work. Steel & Ebony with interchangeable wheels
Centre Hole Divider Centre Hole Divider
Centre Hole Divider #2 ( Machining pictures)
Centre Hole Divider #1
'C' Clamp
2 inch C-Clamp, roughly milled then filed to shape, finish with emery paper & Scotchbright
Stitch Marker
Another stitch marker. This one has a hollow brass ball for spare wheels; the handle is Amazon Rosewood showing the contrasting heart & sapwood.
Surgical Saws
A couple more vintage saw designs that I copied, the upper one a 19th century surgical saw & the lower one a 19th century French piercing saw . Construction pictures for 1. & 2.

Pictured below are a pair recently finished, again based on a 19th century surgical saw. (See here for details)

I use a lot of needle files & got fed up with odd bits of wood for handles so decided to make a few proper holders. The handles are mostly African Blackwood with one in Rosewood, decorated by using a dividing head & a small cutter in the milling machine.
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