Some More

Neat pair of dividers or draughting compasses. (More pics & construction pics here.)
Latest saw, a deep throat piercing saw, mild steel with an ebony handle.
I copied these from a design posted on the web but I think I may have got the dimensions wrong !
Another neat little centre hole divider. Detail below & construction pics here.
Mini-Router. (Construction details here.)
Engraver's Vice (Construction details here.)
My copy of the Surface Gauge Mfd. by A.A. Vose to Mr. Carl G. Osterman's patent of 1889.
My attempt to replicate a small hand vice originally posted here. Height 2.25" (top to swivel base by large butterfly nut). It is made from O1 tool steel. Apart from roughing out on the milling machine, it is all hand filed. Some details here.