Small Router
I have a #71 router but occasionally need a small one so I made one described in the following pictures.
A suitable piece of cast iron cut from an old upright piano frame. This is excellent quality cast iron and one piano frame will make parts for quite a few models and small tools!
Marking out for cutter & adjusting screw positions.
On to the rotary table to profile & cut out the centre.
Cutter from 1/4" silver steel (Scott - that's O1 drill rod !), heated & bent, partly filed to shape before hardening.
Rounding off by hand filing
The ivory side handles start off as balls.
Facets fly cut in the lathe carefully! (why carefully? - no reverse on lathe & ball screwed onto spigot)
Marking out for handle positions.
Handle locations drilled & c/bored. Final profiling before painting.
Finished router compared to my Stanley #71