Although the gearbox is original, it had been converted from hand to foot change and mastering the ratchet to find a gear was something of a black art, the first time out much time was spent waving on cars while stuck in neutral.

Primary chain noise was annoying so I initially fitted a primary chain adjusting shoe as on later Servi Cars, this ran OK reducing the noise

Some time in it’s history the bike appears to have had a chair fitted and no doubt the owner lugged around a largish wife some kids and probable a couple of pigs because the back end of the frame was out by about 5/8 “, this made wheel aligning something of a challenge. A major refit was decided upon and the bike completely stripped.

With the frame bare and the assistance of an engineer / biker friend, alignment as per the handbook was regained with a lot less trouble than I had imagined. Next all the paint was stripped off and a close inspection made for defects, cracks etc., new tabs welded on for the seat T-bar & tool box. I was too mean to pay for powder coating so it has ended up with numerous primers, under & top coats of black enamel.
The tank was stripped for re-painting and as I intended to put back the hand change the screw holes for the shift gate were cleared of filler and new shift lever pivot tabs made & welded on. The tinware was then prepared & sprayed with automotive cellulose.
I had mentioned in a club magazine that I was considering a belt primary. This was read by a fellow member, he was about to make one up for a friend and phoned to ask if I was interested. I sent off my best clutch basket and back came a primary belt kit ready to fit. The motor & gearbox were now back in the frame so on with the clutch basket & motor sprocket and I was pleased to see that the alignment was perfect, the belt running sweetly in the centre of the two pulleys, and the gearbox adjuster about in the middle.

Next to sort out was the hand shift & foot clutch, I already had a shift gate for the tank , so modified the old foot change pedal back to a foot clutch. The gear lever, rodding & clevis’ made from stainless steel with a carved ivory knob.

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