Various bits of tooling made over the years
Versatile Dividing Kit to the design of G.H.Thomas
Dividing head with micro adjuster
Set up on Myford for dividing the mandrel
Graduation marking tool
Ball turning tool. Radford design modified by George Thomas
Graver sharpening jig. I think called a Barlow's Wheel
Hand turning rest for Myford lathe. Designed by George Thomas
Kennedy bender
Hacksaw machine. DUPLEX design in Model Engineer
Home-made broaches. centre - with support bush for cutting keyway, smallest is 1/8" square for model loco handwheels (inset)
Simple split collets for holding ball handles for drilling & tapping
Bending Rolls. If I made them again I would gear the top roller
Sensitive drilling attchment for the lathe tailstock
Eccentric Chuck to the design by J.A.Batchelor in Model Engineer Magazine, May 1991
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