MYFORD Super 7 3.5" screwcutting centre lathe
Geared topslide to the design by George Thomas. Moves the handle up and to the left to clear the cross-slide handle, allowing the top-slide to be set to an acute angle.
Taper Turning attchment built from casting supplied by Hemingway.
Multi-stop - Short centre bar length makes this useful for working close to the headstcok with material in a collet. Made (with slight alterations) from the design on Chris Heapy's site A stop that clamps anywhere on the bed, using an old micrometer head from the 'salvage' box. To a design by T. E. Bristol, published in Model Engineer, Oct.1961
Chuck back-stop described in Model Engineer's Workshop, April/May 1992. A neat design with a double split collet arrangement where the outer handwheel locks both the stop bar at the set length & the housing into the mandrel at the same time. The tapered (2MT) piece is a stop bar support.
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