Sharpening Stone Sharpening Stone
Bought this little Belgian Coticule hone at a boot sale and thought it deserved a decent home. The box is made from a scrap of walnut with a name plate inlay of bone. Teak oil finish. Just hope I am not tempting the Gods by putting my initial on it!
Church Box
Church Box
Collection box for the village church. Made from recycled chestnut boards.
Jewelry Box
Jewelry Box
Jewelry Box
Jewelry box in walnut
Cribbage Board
Cribbage Board
Cribbage Board
Cribbage scoring board, my attempt at an Inuit design I saw in a museum somewhere. Carved from Laburnum with inlaid plates of buffalo & cow horn. Container for the pegs in the underside.
Bird Table
Upmarket birdtable (hope they appreciate it). A few WIP pics here.
Carving Chisel
A few small carving chisels. Blades from recycled needle files. Handles from various woods including Boxwood burl, Cherry, Yew, Cotoneaster, Rosewood & Wild Plum.
Wooden Spoon
A few wooden spoons. Top - Wild Plum root. L - R. Cherry, Boxwood & Laburnum
Walking Stick
Walking sticks: L - R. Silver mounted ivory on Imbuia stick; Nickle silver mounted ivory on stained Ash stick; Nickle silver mounted Buffalo horn on Yew stick. All fited with Alpine style steel ferrules.
Bentwood box 8 inches long, copied from a late medieval design. Mahogany with oil blackened iron fittings.

Some construction details here

Small table loom for braid weaving. Copied from several seen on the web.
Small bow-saw taking standard coping saw blades. African Blackwood frame, Macassar Ebony handles, Bone, Steel & brass fittings. The cord is a loop of 3/16" hard laid cod line, tricky to splice!
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