The coins are cut using a piercing saw, holding the coin down by finger pressure on the sort of fixture that jewellers use, except I added a brass plate to mine though this is not really necessary

The coins are pre-drilled having first decided where the little tags go that hold the design to the rim, using the largest drill that will fit in the gap to be cut. The smallest I have used are 0.35mm. These very small drills require very high speed, extremely gentle feed and cutting lubricant even then they only need the slightest excuse to break !

With the fine blades it is possible to make small jigsaw puzzles !
The blades for the piercing saw come in various thicknesses down to the finest at 6/1000 of an inch although no matter how careful you are these really fine ones do not last very long, I try to use the thickest blade I can, depending on the intricacy of the design.I have found that the best blades are supplied by NIQUA
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